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Christina's blend

We are developing roasts and blends, mostly for espresso. The most popular has been Christina's blend, rich and sweet with chocolate, caramel, and butterscotch flavours. These are flavours that are natural within the coffee bean and are brought out by careful selection of beans and roasting.

We now have a great Ethiopian Harrar ( amazing fresh ground aroma ), 

single estate Kenyan

an El Salvador "Miel" a rare dry processed central American

We have a complicated secure self serve system for the coffee.

All our coffee is priced at $5 for 170 grams and $10 for 350grams,and is roasted fresh for each order. 

Samples available on request.


For a decade now I have been trying to make an excellent cup of espresso. It has led me to roast my own coffee in small batches to get the quality that I am looking for. Now we are making this available to others.

First of all, what is good in coffee can be determined only by you, by taste.
Try our coffee, side by side with any other coffee. See what you like.

Freshness makes a huge difference. Coffee starts to change as soon as it is roasted. Espresso is best made from coffee is somewhere between 48 hours and a week after roasting. Again, try it yourself, see how it tastes in the cup. Good coffee will change in flavour every day.

You must grind your own. The best qualities of good coffee are gone within minutes of grinding. A lot of people love the smell of ground coffee, but don't like the taste of coffee. The smell of ground coffee is that good flavour leaving the coffee. Grind and then make your coffee right away.


There are thousands and thousands of batches of coffee grown in the world every year. They are all different in flavour. Each small piece of land produces a unique coffee, and each year is different again. It is not unlike the world of wine. We choose coffees that have interesting characteristics, without unpleasant defects. Each batch of coffee we have is a unique experience that cannot be repeated.

Good coffee is often grown under marginal high altitude conditions, and needs labour intensive handling in order to bring out its best qualities. Good coffee is expensive to grow. We buy through various different programs, all of which pay well, sometimes at more than 250% of the basic world price. Some of our coffee is Fair Trade, some is not; all is selected by taste. The future of good quality coffee can only be secured by paying a good price.
Good coffee has a unique origin flavour. Careful roasting brings out these individual qualities. Dark roasts can destroy unique origin qualities, and replace them with dark roast flavours, and sometimes a bitter burned aftertaste. Most coffee with oil on the surface of the bean will taste like dark roast coffee regardless of its origin. This style of roast is very popular right now, and it is a good way to cover the defects of bad coffee, and the bitterness is often balanced by the sweetness of the milk in a latte, or with sugar in a double double. However the dark roast is a terrible thing to do to an interesting complex coffee.

When brewing coffee, the best flavours come out of the coffee early, the bitter flavours come out later. In order to reduce the bitterness of coffee, people will mistakenly use more water and less coffee, this leads to over extraction and bitterness. Again, be your own judge, try the first cup out of the machine, then try the last one; try and see at what point the coffee becomes bitter. If the coffee is too strong, add water to the brewed coffee, not to the grounds. Roasted coffee contains caramelized sugars, and can be sweet, with flavours of chocolate, butterscotch, and fruit. Coffee in the cup can taste the way that fresh ground coffee smells.

For all these reasons, we roast coffee in small batches in Guelph. Get it fresh from us and get only what you will use in a week.






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