There is something I'd like to share with you. I wrote it this morning. It was difficult to work, so I decided to spend some time thinking about Victor. I'd rather write in Portuguese, but since I wanted to share it with my running friends I had to make an effort and do it in English. Sorry if there are many mistakes.

See you later.



Back to Olympia

I run and my heart beats


I run harder and my heart beats harder

Boom boom

I run and know who I am

And where I want to go

But sometimes

I donít know

And thatís why I run as well

And my heart beats

As far as I feel

The wind

I see trees




Textures of feelings



And sounds

My heart beats soundly

Once more I run

I breathe cold air

Warm air



It doesnít matter

I run

And my heart beats

Itís simple like that

Itís as simple and clear as running on a sunny day

I see more people

I run with them

I run by myself

And my heart beats

I sweat

I wear a hat

I love my new singlet


When I race

My heart beats

New shoes, old shoes,

Chaffing, injuries, endorphins, stretching afterwards

Iím tired

Speed work


Lactate threshold

Hold the pace for one minute more

Oh God! Iím really tired!

Iím almost there

Iím Odysseus

It hurts

And my heart beats


I can

I know I can

And my heart beats

I see his smile

Iím au fait he knows my times




Mile repeats

And he knows the seconds


Best races

And the ones I just did OK

He makes notes


While love sets the pace

And my heart beats

He tells me what to do

And I love it

Iím tired

Yet one more rep

Iím too tired

(Iím happy!)

The finish line is over there

He smiles

I push myself with all my might

Till I see where the limit is


And my heart beats

He smiles

I run and my heart beats

He is one of the reasons why I run

Together we write an epic poem


He smiles

Although now his heart doesnít beat

In a day like today

I feel life is a huge vacant track

Iím alone

At the sunset

(I eat my heart out)

The whole world isnít but a colossal lonely track

Because his heart doesnít beat anymore

And I have to face this emptiness

So I get my favourite running gear

My watch, memories and tears

And I run

And my heart beats

For life can be measured in minutes per mile

Beats per minute

My heart sings

Making life more than life

He knew that too

Itís our secret

Truth reveals itself through his smile

His simple



Full of life


And beautiful


His classic smile

Today I run

And my heart beats:

Vic, Vic, Vic

His smile


With me